Eulalie Ranaivoson

Eulalie originally trained as a biologist before undertaking post-graduate training (Master s & Doctorate), teaching and research in marine oceanography (specializing in microbiology and pollution) at the Marine Station, University of Toliara (which was reconstituted as the autonomous Institut Halieutique et des Sciences Marines (IHSM) in 1991). In 1992 Eulalie relocated from IHSM to a new position as project coordinator with the Food & Agriculture Organisation of the UN, based at the Ministry of Fisheries, while continuing to serve as an IHSM representative and staff member, where she now holds a senior professorship. From the mid-90s, Eulalie worked with Ocean Consultant, then Madagascar's leading consultancy firm in fisheries and marine resources management, where she was active as a project manager until the late-2000s, undertaking numerous assignments relating to fisheries management, aquaculture and marine conservation. Since 2012 Eulalie has been assisting Resolve as a Senior Consultant, working on various assignments relating to oil & gas offshore exploration, fisheries and marine & coastal conservation.

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