Corporate Environmental Services

RESOLVE aims to provide the full range environmental services required by corporate clients, including environmental impact assessment & monitoring, environmental auditing, environmental offsetting, carbon brokerage & sequestration and other services tailored to meet client needs.

Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) & Monitoring

RESOLVE coordinates or contributes to environmental & social impact assessments in the mining, petroleum, fisheries, agriculture and tourism sectors. It has particular strength in the identification of relevant scientific environmental information and providing objective, science-based, assessments of project impacts on biodiversity and the environment.

Environmental Auditing

In the context of company acquisitions or re-organisation, RESOLVE can undertake comprehensive environmental audits and identify remedial actions needed to ensure compliance with national and international environmental standards.

Environmental Offsetting

RESOLVE assists corporate clients in the design and implementation of actions to offset the unavoidable environmental impacts of their investments, such as ecosystem restoration, biodiversity conservation and renewable energy schemes.

Carbon Brokerage And Sequestration

RESOLVE can assist clients with the purchase of certified carbon in Madagascar through voluntary carbon market mechanisms and the elaboration of agreements relating to such purchases. Through partner organisations, Resolve can further assist clients with carbon sequestration, notably in the form of managed and monitored tree plantations.

Environmental Strategic Planning

RESOLVE can assist clients in the development of an optimal environmental strategy for their business investments including, where appropriate, an associated communication plan.

Public Environmental Services

In addition to services relevant to both private and public sector clients (EIA, auditing, offsetting etc.), Resolve continues to provide services required by public sector clients such as project design and evaluation, environmental research, natural resources management planning, biodiversity conservation planning, environmental policy formulation and mediation, training & facilitation and technical publications.

Project Design & Evaluation

RESOLVE is experienced in the design of public sector projects in the areas of environment, rural development and natural resources (both fisheries and forestry) and can assist at all stages of project development, including design, monitoring and implementation. It has particular experience of procedures of the GEF, UN agencies, World Bank, European Union and of the larger international NGOs. Key RESOLVE personnel were involved in the design of the monitoring system for the Madagascar Action Plan (MAP).

Environmental Research

RESOLVE can undertake environmental research including biodiversity surveys, natural resources assessments (fisheries & forestry), species trade surveys, ecotourism studies, marine biodiversity research, research into environmental law and technical literature reviews.?

Natural Resources Management & Conservation Planning

RESOLVE personnel have experience of planning natural resources management in the areas of fisheries, aquaculture and forestry. RESOLVE personnel have also contributed to conservation planning in Madagascar and elsewhere, notably in the development of marine and wetland protected areas.

Environmental Policy & Legislation

RESOLVE personnel have contributed to the development of national policies and legislation relating to national development planning, environmental impact assessment, rural development & the environment, community-based management of natural resources, fisheries governance, coastal zone management, marine & wetland protected areas, agricultural extension and other themes.

Mediation, Training & Facilitation

RESOLVE personnel have substantial experience of mediation, training and facilitation, including mediation of environmental and other disputes, negotiation of land tenure, access and usage rights, training in natural resources management (fisheries, forestry, aquaculture, agriculture, marine protected areas, coastal zone management, EIA) and facilitation, particularly at regional, national and international workshops.

Technical Publications

RESOLVE has coordinated or assisted with the editing and publication of several books relevant to environmental management, and has been allocated a series of ISBN numbers for this purpose. Through its partner organisations, it is able to access expertise in the design, layout and printing of technical publications.

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