TANTEZA – The Transfer of Natural Resources Management in Madagascar, Ten Years of Effort

The Transfer of Natural Resources Management in Madagascar Ten Years of Effort - Book Cover

Authors: Montagne P., Razanamaharo Z. & Cooke A.

Pages: 208

Publisher: CIRAD

ISBN: 978-2-9530572-0-1

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Sustainable management capabilities for renewable resources exist locally throughout most of Madagascar, and local grassroots communities are voicing a strong popular demand for this as decentralisation is established.

Cooke, Andrew. (2007). TANTEZA* - Le trasnfert de gestion a Madagascar - 10 ans d'efforts (* Tantanana mba hateze = Developpement durable)..

Andrew Cooke, CEO of RESOLVE, co-authored this publication (only available in French). Titled “TANTEZA” (an acronym for “tantanana mba hateze,” Malagasy for “sustainable development”), it explores the deep historical roots of local renewable resource management in Madagascar, contrasting the temporary colonial era of authoritative state control with the post-1996 re-establishment of local governance. The text highlights the continuity between traditional royal management and the local governance reintroduced after the 1995 Antsirabe international workshop. This common reference to ancient customary values supports the rapid development of resource management transfer to local communities, legitimising their role. The publication examines the development and implementation of law 96-025, promoting sustainable resource management aligned with decentralisation.

Photo: Rod Waddington (CC BY-SA)

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