Blue Economy

Blue Economy refers to the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, livelihoods, and ecosystem health. At RESOLVE, we specialise in crafting tailored business strategies to harness the potential of the Blue Economy while preserving marine ecosystems and strengthening coastal communities.

In Madagascar and beyond, we’re committed to developing sustainable solutions for the challenges facing our oceans and coastal regions. Our experience in multiple segments of the Blue Economy (biodiversity conservation, fisheries and aquaculture, tourism, maritime transport and industry) enables us to navigate the complexities of marine resource management, conservation, and economic development.

Why Blue Economy Matters

The Blue Economy presents a vast array of opportunities for economic growth, job creation, and community development, all while preserving the health and resilience of our oceans. By leveraging the sustainable use of marine resources, we unlock new avenues for innovation, investment, and prosperity. At RESOLVE, we understand the critical importance of balancing economic development with environmental stewardship, ensuring that the benefits of the Blue Economy are realised equitably and sustainably.

Our Blue Economy Services

From fisheries management to marine biodiversity conservation, RESOLVE offers a comprehensive suite of services related to the Blue Economy. Our team of experts specialises in:

  • Marine Resource Assessment: We conduct thorough assessments and mapping of marine ecosystems, fisheries, and coastal resources to inform sustainable management practices and decision-making.
  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management: Our tailored strategies for coastal planning and development help maximise the economic potential of coastal areas while mitigating environmental impacts.
  • Marine Protected Area Design and Management: We work with stakeholders to design and implement effective marine protected areas, preserving biodiversity hotspots and supporting sustainable fisheries.
  • Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services: Through rigorous economic analysis, we quantify the value of ecosystem services provided by marine environments, informing policy and investment decisions.

Our Impact

Our track record of success in advancing Blue Economy initiatives includes a diverse range of projects and partnerships: from advising government agencies on sustainable fisheries management to assisting private sector clients in developing innovative marine tourism ventures. By combining scientific expertise with practical solutions, we advance positive change for our oceans and coastal communities.

Your Partner in Blue Economy Solutions

Get in touch with RESOLVE today to discuss how our expertise can support your marine conservation and economic development goals, where prosperity thrives hand-in-hand with environmental resilience.

Photo: Rod Waddington (CC BY-SA)