Natural Capital & Ecosystem Services

RESOLVE is committed to fostering sustainable development through the economic evaluation of natural capital and ecosystem services. Our expertise lies in implementing comprehensive natural capital protocols and accounting methods that serve as decision-making frameworks for both businesses and governments.

Economic Evaluation

We conduct rigorous economic evaluations to quantify the value of natural resources and the ecosystem services they provide. This process helps stakeholders understand the true cost and benefits of their natural assets, promoting informed and sustainable decisions.

Natural Capital Protocol

Our approach leverages the Natural Capital Protocol, a globally recognised framework that guides businesses and governments in identifying, measuring, and valuing their natural capital. This protocol ensures that environmental considerations are integrated into strategic planning and operational decision-making.

Natural Capital Accounting

RESOLVE’s natural capital accounting services enable organisations to systematically record and report on their natural capital assets. This accounting process provides a transparent and comprehensive view of the stocks and flows of natural resources, helping to track changes over time and inform long-term sustainability strategies.

Sustainable Development Projects

In the context of development projects — ranging from infrastructure and tourism to fisheries and beyond — RESOLVE employs natural capital approaches to ensure the sustainable use of resources. By assessing and managing the impact of these projects on natural capital and ecosystem services, we help mitigate negative environmental impacts and enhance positive outcomes.

Decision-Making Frameworks

Our natural capital and ecosystem services assessments provide essential data for decision-making, enabling businesses and governments to balance economic growth with environmental stewardship. By integrating the value of natural capital into their operations, our clients can achieve more sustainable and resilient outcomes.

RESOLVE’s dedication to sustainable development through natural capital and ecosystem services accounting and assessment ensures that the true value of nature is recognised and preserved. Our methodologies and frameworks help clients make informed decisions that support both economic and environmental sustainability.