FIBA (Fondation International du Banc d’Arguin)


To ensure greater impact and effectiveness of their actions, the Banc d’Arguin International Foundation (FIBA) and the MAVA Foundation have merged since December 2014. This alliance between two organisations that share the same values and vision for the region will generate for West African partners a coherent set of know-how, including finance, coaching, mobilisation, and capacity building. This merger will, under the leadership of MAVA, translate into a West Africa programme that builds on the strengths of the two organizations, i.e. FIBA’s ground presence, and MAVA’s financial weight, but also on their established credibility. The proposed new programme was presented on Monday 23rd in Goree, during a colloquium attended by the President of MAVA, André Hofmann and many partners and friends from the sub-region. The idea was also to recount the rich history of MAVA and showcase a few of its key achievements.