Establishment of a Marine Protected Area in Nosy Tanikely, Madagascar

Establishment of the Nosy Tanikely Marine protected Area (MPA) as a new marine protected area (MPA) according to appropriate creation procedures, including a safety plan for affected stakeholders (PAPs). As part of the Integrated Growth Pole (IGP) Project by the World Bank and the government of Madagascar.

  • Detailed study on the development plan and the mode of protection of the future marine protected area (MPA) Nosy Tanikely – Nosy Be.
  • Precision of the exact location of the different developments in the future area of the site.
  • Updating and validation of the development and management plan for the site.
  • Elaboration of a budgeted plan of action for the transformation of the MPA site.
  • Elaboration of a geo-referenced map with different areas
  • Develop a plan of protection of persons affected by the project (PAPs)
  • Validation of the inter-ministerial order for temporary protection.

Study of the development plan and the protection mode of the Marine Protected Area in Nosy Tanikely, Madagascar

Preparation of procedures manual for establishment and management of Marine Protected Areas in Madagascar