The Shrimp Improvement Project in Madagascar

Study in support of the implementation of the Shrimp Fisheries Improvement Project in Madagascar for the Second Fisheries Governance and Shared Growth Project in the South-West Indian Ocean (SWIOFish2). In collaboration with UGP-SWIOFish2, the Ministry of Fisheries and Fisheries Resources (MRHP), and the World Bank.

  • Developing a stock assessment model (for the 5 shrimp species), provide a diagnosis of their condition and trends in their evolution;
  • Developing benchmarks from indicators and the catch of non-target species;
  • Collecting and analyze basic data of the traditional shrimp fishery (PCT) segment, and determine the baseline situation (PCT typology):
    • Assessing the performance of the current PCT tracking system;
    • Proposal of a new monitoring scheme;
    • Mentoring and training national researchers, ensuring ownership of selected models and continuity of evaluation work.

Legal and environmental advice for the activities of an oil company in Ampasindava, Madagascar