MAVA Foundation (Hoffman LaRoche Foundation for the Conservation of Nature)

MAVA was born of the passion and vision of its founder, Luc Hoffmann, an extraordinary naturalist who believed fiercely in the protection of the planet’s wild splendor.

While financial support is vital, they do much more than simply funding our partners. They also accompany them on their conservation journey, helping them develop the skills they need and strengthening their ability to deliver.

Their success is founded on trust and collaboration, as well as respect for local culture and the close involvement of local people and communities. Protecting emblematic species and tackling threats, responding rapidly and applying sound science, encouraging collaboration and staying the course is their trademark.

And as they move toward ending their grant-making in 2022, They are putting greater emphasis on funding project portfolios – delivered by groups of partners working together, and collaboratively funded by donor consortia. Flexible and open, they are committed to doing whatever it takes to deliver lasting change.