Samoelina “Sam” Ramananstialonina

Senior Consultant

Sam Ramanantsialonina

Nationality: Malagasy

Qualification: DEA in Applied Geophysics and Natural

Skills: GIS & remote sensing, climate change risk assessment, environmental data analysis, project management, spatial data implementation, stakeholder engagement.

Samoelina “Sam” Ramanantsialonina, is a highly competent and experienced consultant based in Madagascar. With a strong educational background in geophysics and remote sensing from the University of Antananarivo, Sam has established himself as a valuable asset in the fields of environmental sciences, climate change, and forestry.

As a consultant, Sam has demonstrated his expertise in various projects, including his recent role as a lead author of Madagascar’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) under the Paris Agreement of the UN Convention on Climate Change. In this position, he was responsible for estimating Madagascar’s carbon emissions and sequestration, showcasing his proficiency in carbon accounting and his deep understanding of climate change mitigation strategies.

Sam focuses on evaluating the effectiveness of reforestation projects in sequestering carbon. Collaborating with RESOLVE’s partner, Phyto-Logic, he is developing protocols for measuring carbon sequestration and biodiversity gains in mixed plantations of native tree species. This work highlights his commitment to finding sustainable solutions to environmental challenges and his ability to work effectively with diverse stakeholders.

In addition to his technical skills, Sam possesses valuable experience in using drones for forest surveys and monitoring. His proficiency in this area, combined with his leadership skills, makes him well-suited to manage field-based surveys and environmental impact assessments. Sam’s experience working with the Ambatovy mining company as a Data Manager in the Environment Department further demonstrates his ability to analyze data, prepare reports, and contribute to the implementation of biodiversity and environmental management plans.

With his strong GIS and remote sensing software skills, data analysis capabilities, and fluency in French and English, Sam is an outstanding consultant who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to RESOLVE. His dedication to finding innovative solutions to environmental challenges, coupled with his extensive experience in Madagascar, makes him an invaluable member of any project team.