Peter Bouckaert

Senior Adviser

Peter Bouckaert

Nationality: Belgian-American

Qualification: Doctor of Law (JD) from Stanford Law School

Skills: Multilingual legal expertise, Holistic sustainability knowledge, Program design and implementation, Community-led conservation, Project design and proposal writing

LinkedIn Profile

Peter Bouckaert is RESOLVE’s Senior Adviser on Rights-Based Approaches and Community-Led Conservation.

A multilingual human rights lawyer and holistic sustainability expert, Peter has extensive experience in program design and implementation across diverse development contexts, from conflict zones to peaceful yet underserved regions of Africa and Madagascar. Committed to community-led conservation and development in alignment with nature and society, Peter’s expertise spans fisheries, forestry, land tenure, disaster relief, and human rights investigations. His adeptness in project design and proposal writing renders him an ideal Senior Adviser for RESOLVE in integrating rights-based approaches into our work.

With a Doctor of Law from Stanford Law School, coupled with over three years as Senior Advisor at Blue Ventures and experience on various boards including Kobo Toolbox, FotoEvidence, and Rory Peck Trust, Peter Bouckaert brings a wealth of expertise to RESOLVE, ensuring impactful integration of rights-based approaches.