Andrew Cooke

Founding Director of RESOLVE, originally qualified as a zoologist from Cambridge University, UK (1978). He then trained as a lawyer and worked in a leading UK law firm (specialising in technology law) until 1991 when he moved to Madagascar to apply his skills and experience to environmental conservation. In 1993-4 he undertook a Master of Science degree in tropical coastal management (Newcastle University, UK). He then built up an individual practice as an environmental consultant based in the UK before moving to Tanzania in 1996 and thence to Madagascar in 1998. After completing a 3 year contract (1998-2001) with the Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations as technical advisor to Madagascar's marine & coastal environment programme, he established RESOLVE in 2001. From 2001 to date he has managed and developed RESOLVE in Madagascar while undertaking frequent short and medium-term international assignments for UN agencies and other entities in Sub-Saharan Africa. After a 2-year spell (2007-2010) as a part-time partner in the law firm of John W Ffooks & Co, Andrew joined the Ambatovy Nickel project as Environment Manager, with particular responsibility for biodiversity and sustainability, including ensuring compliance with IFC performance standards and an innovative biodiversity offsets program. As Director, he continues to oversee Resolve operations while one or more of Resolve's Senior Consultants ensure coordination of specific assignments.

Noteworthy Publications, Reports & Papers

Madagascar – A Guide to Marine Biodiversity. Published by Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).

Ambatovy Project – Sustainability Report 2011. Part of a team responsible for developing Ambatovy's first sustainability report (GRI) contributing in particular the environmental sections of the report. November 2011.

Etat des lieux des projets environnementaux dans la zone côtière et marine de l'Afrique de l'Ouest. With Philippe Tous. Report prepared for the MAVA foundation. June 2009. 26 pages.

Diversity and Distribution of the Coral Reef Fishes of Madagascar – A preliminary assessment. With Faratiana Ratsifandrihamanana and Ivor Williams. Submitted to the Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science, February 2008.

Canary Current Large Marine Ecosystem (CCLME) Project - Preliminary Trans-boundary Diagnostic Analysis. Report and tables. FAO, Rome. September 2006. 41 pages.

Guinea Current Large Marine Ecosystem.

Assessment of Trans-boundary Fisheries issues for the CCLME. With M. Tandstad, B. Samb, A. Mendy, A-M. Caramelo & M. Diop. FAO, Rome. June 2006. 90 pages.

Tanteza – Le transfert de gestion à Madagascar ; dix ans d'efforts (trans : 'Tanteza' - Transfer of management in Madagascar – 10 years of effort). With Pierre Montagne (co-editor). A collection of papers (of which three authored by self in French) on the transfer of management of natural resources to communities. Published by CITE, Madagascar, 2007.

Towards an ecosystem approach for sustaining the Agulhas and Somali Current Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs) - PDF-B Project Preparation. Reports prepared for UNOPS on: 1) Projects & programs review & identification of co-financing (46 pages); 2) Combined general baseline assessment (ASLME & SWIOFP) (68 pages). WCS Madagascar, March 2005.
Renforcement et pérennisation de la Délégation à la Surveillance des Pêches et au Contrôle en Mer (DSPCM) de la République Islamique de la Mauritanie. With John Chouinard. Report prepared for the DSPCM under contract with GOPA-Consultants (financed by GTZ). April 2004, 76 pp.

Marine and Coastal Ecosystems [of Madagascar]. With Prof. J. Lutjeharms & Prof. P. Vasseur. Chapter 6 (pp. 179-208) in: Natural History of Madagascar (S. Goodman & J. Benstead eds.), Chicago University Press, 2003.

Shark fisheries and trade in Madagascar – an update with an estimate of mortality. Principal author with M. Smale, P. Doukakis, M. Rajaonson and T. du Feu. In Proceedings of a workshop on shrimp and other fisheries in Madagascar, November 2002. Published by CITE, 2003.

Initiative pour la gestion durable de la Baie d'Antongil - Etat des lieux – 1ère version. Report on the state of the Bay of Antongil, NE Madagascar. May 1 2003. 20 pages + annexes.

Madagascar Rural / Environmental Sector Review – Integration of background studies. Report submitted to the World Bank, Madagascar, as part of its rural development and environment sector review. January 2003. 83 pages.

Office de la Protection et de la Surveillance des Pêches. Preliminary report to the Centre de Surveillance des Pêches, Madagascar. 10 October 2002. 56 pages.

Review of the effects of legislation and rules on the livelihoods of fishery dependent communities in West Africa – Pilot study in Ghana – Work plan and ToR. Mission report prepared for the Food & Agriculture Organisation of the UN. August 2002. 47 pages.

Conservation and sustainable use of Benin's coastal wetlands through ICZM. Full-size project brief prepared for submission by the World Bank and the Benin Environment Agency to the Global Environment Facility (GEF). Document prepared for the World Bank, June 2002. 60 pages + annexes.

Madagascar - Environmental Threats & Opportunities Analysis (ETOA). Report prepared for USAID Madagascar, June 2002. 115 pages.

Indicateurs de la biodiversité marine – présentation sur les indicateurs des écosystèmes marins et littoraux en vue du PE3. December, 2001. (27 slides with figures).

Atelier National sur les Zones Côtières – Etat des lieux et des connaissances. Powerpoint presentation to the national workshop on coastal zones, Mahajanga, Madagascar, 29-30 October 2001 (37 slides with figures).

La Réserve de Biosphère du Littoral de Toliara (Baie de Ranobe – Grand Récif – Nosy Ye & Nosy Satrana). Proposal for the designation of the Toliara coastal zone as a marine and coastal biosphere reserve. Prepared for National Commission for UNESCO in Madagascar. August 2001. 64 pages + figures. (Designation of biosphere reserve subsequently approved by UNESCO).

Nos cinq mille kilomètres de côtes, Notre patrimoine commun, Notre avenir commun – Document d'Orientation pour une Politique Nationale de Développement Durable des Zones Côtières de Madagascar. Co-author and editor of national ICZM policy orientation document for Madagascar. Office National de l'Environnement. Antananarivo, March 2001. 145 pages.

Comparative assessment of stakeholder management in traditional Fijian fishing-grounds. With N. Polunin & K. Moce. Environmental Conservation, 4th quarter, 2000.

Madagascar. Chapter 60 in Seas at the Millennium – An Environmental Evaluation. With O. Ratomahenina, E. Ranaivoson and H. Razafindrainibe. Ed – Charles Sheppard. Elsevier, 2000.

Approches juridiques vers la gestion intégrée des zones côtières à Madagascar (Legal approaches to integrated coastal zone management). Paper given at the National Workshop on Environmental Law in Madagascar. Fianarantsoa, Madagascar, May 1999. 7 pages.

Problématique foncière de la Zone Côtière à Madagascar (Land tenure problems of the coastal zone in Madagascar). Paper given to the National Workshop on Land Tenure, Madagascar. Antananarivo, Madagascar, April 1999. 14 pages.

Expériences internationales des systèmes de gestion sécurisée des ressources halieutiques. (International experience of tenured systems for marine resource management). Paper given to a joint workshop of the National Environment Office and the Ministry of Fisheries. Tamatave, Madagascar, March 1999. 7 pages.

Perspectives sur les aires protégées marines et côtières à Madagascar. (Perspectives on marine and coastal protected areas for Madagascar). Paper given to the National Workshop on the establishment of marine biosphere reserves in Madagascar. Antananarivo, Madagascar, November 1998. 8 pages.

Masoala Peninsular Integrated Conservation and Development Project (Marine Resources Component) - Review, strategy, workplans and human and technical resource requirements. A strategy document prepared for CARE International. 120 pp (with annexes). July, 1998.

Misali Island Conservation Area, Pemba - an analysis of activities and lessons learned to date. With Ali Said Hamad. In: Proceedings of a Workshop on Experiences in Local and Community ICZM Projects - Lessons to date. Zanzibar, 4 - 6 March, 1998. Secretariat for Eastern African Coastal Area Management (SEACAM). 23 pages.

Définition et délimitation des zones sensibles pour la mise en application du Décret No. 95-377 relatif à la Mise En Compatibilité des Investissements avec l'Environnement (MECIE) – « Récifs coralliens » & « Ilots ». Twin reports contributing to the definition of guidelines for EIAs of investment projects affecting reefs and islands. 50 / 48 pages. August 1996.

Survey of Elasmobranch Fisheries and Trade in Madagascar. pp 101-130 in: The Trade in Sharks and Shark Products in the Western Indian and Southern Indian and South East Atlantic Oceans. Eds. N. T Marshall & R. Barnett. TRAFFIC, 1997.

Red-tailed tropicbird (Phaeton rubricauda) colony, Nosy Ve islet, Toliara. Newsletter of the Working Group on Birds in the Madagascar Region. Vol 6, Number 2. 15 September, 1996.

Revision of the legislation relating to the Parc National du Banc d'Arguin, Mauritania - Critical report on the draft law prepared by the special working group. Report submitted to the Fondation International du Banc d'Arguin and WWF International. 29 pages, 5 annexes. June 1996.

A review of legal instruments and law relevant to the management of coastal ecosystems in the South Asia region. In: Proceedings of the International Coral Reef Initiative South Asia Workshop, Maldives 29 Nov. - 3 Dec. 1995, pp 80-145 (Co-author: R V Anuradha, LLB). Overseas Development Administration (ODA, now DfID), March 1996.

A global overview of approaches to sea turtle conservation (with M. Wejerman) & Sea turtles of Madagascar - an update (with B. Rakotonirina). Papers given at the International Congress of Chelonian Conservation, Gonfaron, France, July 5-11, 1995.

How to improve the effectiveness of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild flora and fauna (CITES). Project proposal prepared for Environment & Development Group, Oxford. March 1995. 52 pp.

Limiting the Losses - Interim Measures for Conserving Biological Diversity. Final report to ODA (now DfID). Contributor on marine, coastal & fisheries issues. WWF-UK, March 1995. 62 pp.

Current trends in the management of qoliqoli in Fiji - Traditional Marine Resource Management and Knowledge Information Bulletin, No. 5, April 1995, pages 2 - 6. (with Kolinio Moce).

The Qoliqoli of Fiji - some preliminary research findings in relation to management by customary owners. In: South, G.R., D. Goulet, S. Tuqiri & M. Church (eds.). Traditional Marine Tenure and sustainable management of marine resources in Asia and the Pacific: Proceedings of the International Workshop held at the University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji, 4-8 July, 1994. International Ocean Institute - South Pacific, Suva. pp 179-182.

The qoliqoli of Fiji - Management of resources in traditional fishing grounds. MSc thesis, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, September 2, 1994. 165 pp, 5 maps, 2 photos.

Sea Turtles of Madagascar - their status, conservation and exploitation (with Berthin Rakotonirina). Oryx Vol. 28 No. 1, January 1994. 10 pp.

Toliara Coral Reef Expedition, Madagascar - 1993: Rapport Final. With C.O.U.T (Cellule des Océanographes de l'Université de Toliara). 206 pp, 5 maps, 37 photos. December, 1994.

Inventaire biologique - Forêt de Zombitse: Les Plantes. With B Du Puy & P Abraham. In: Recherches pour le Développement - Série Sciences Biologiques No. Spécial, 1994. Centre d'Information et de Documentation Scientifique et Technique (CIdST), Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Cas d'étude: éco-tourisme dans la région de Toliara. In: Actes du Séminaire National sur L'éco-tourisme", Fianarantsoa, Madagascar, Feb. 21-27 1993. 13 pp. ANGAP, Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Coral Reefs and Coastal Zone of Toliara - Conservation and Development through Eco-tourism - project report. WWF International, Gland, Switzerland (January 1993) 235 pp. 10 maps. 36 photos.

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